The left hand menu is going

Well not completely! The left hand menu will still be accessible, just collapsed from view.

In the next few weeks we will be releasing an update that will set in place the foundations for a number of forthcoming mobile enhancements.

Those options in the left hand menu are largely a duplication of the options already available in the horizontal menu. From a usability point of view we feel that this space is better utilised by stretching the main content to fill as much as the screen as possible. This is even more of an imperative given the ever increasing number of users accessing QuickFile from a mobile or tablet device.

Long term it is our intention to completely remove the left hand menu. We have discussed however replacing this with a “Quick Links” panel which will allow users to persist a collection of their own commonly used links across all pages and possibly allow 3rd party links to be included too, this would be ideal for those routinely jumping between a handful of different web applications.

We appreciate that people use QuickFile in all sorts of different ways. We therefore welcome any questions or feedback in order to foresee any potential problems later.


I use the left menu as a quick access to certain links, I think replacing this with a customisable “Quick Links” panel would be the perfect solution to provide the user with their own preferences.


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This is a great idea and I’d been wondering what you guys had been working on :slightly_smiling:

The suggestion of allowing the ability to add third party links is an excellent one which I’d really like.


Yeah, I did wonder about the duplication between the left and top menus :slightly_smiling:
Replacing it with a customisable quick links panel would be great.

Bizarrely there used to be a custom link option waaaay back when - I used it to save 2 clicks to get to the credit card account.

I wont miss the menu but I do welcome (back!) a custom link area.

Hi @Paul

I don’t recall these quick links (I’ve been active with QuickFile since 2013). I’ll send you a PM not to confuse this topic with anything else, but I’m wondering if it’s just been moved. Look out for a green notification in the top right hand corner.

We did briefly have a custom links option, similar to how the client area control panel worked with the customisable tabs. That’s going back to early 2011 though.

2 clicks? I only do one.

Is yours not displayed on the dashboard for easy access?

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