Total fees per client


Can I get a summary report of total fees per client? I thought this would be in view customers but I only seem able to get outstanding fee reports.

Do you mean outstanding invoices? these can be viewed on an individual client basis or you can filter from the invioce list


Thanks for replying. Unfortunately that wasn’t what I was looking for. Looking for total income per client (paid and unpaid). I managed to find a workaround by downloading some info to a csv and sorting but it didn’t quite give the full picture I was hoping for.

For every single client or just selected clients on a one off/one time basis?

Hi. All of them or at least to get the list of the largest. It’s OK, as I said, I have a workaround but I assumed that total fees would be on the customer screen and they’re not, only total outstanding as far as I can tell.

The outstanding balance is a simple concept that is well defined without any further details, but a “total” column would require a date range (total this month, total over 30 days, the current accounting year, calendar year, all time…) and once you add a date range selector for the totals column then do you expect this to act as a filter on the client list as a whole (only show clients who have been invoiced in that date range)?

There might be an argument for making a separate report for this but I don’t think it makes sense as a column on the main client list page.

Would the second part of this post do the job? Reporting on customer turnover - #2 by Glenn

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Is this what you need? Projects in QuickFile

I tag all of my client transactions with their own unique tag and then use ‘Projects’ to track total sales and total monies received, total purchases (costs related directly to them) and total I’ve paid against those costs.

You can even run a mini P&L per client if you needed to.

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Ah thanks, I think this looks like it could work. I’m on leave at the moment but will have a play when I get back.

Thanks for your help.


Thanks. This looks like it could be a useful feature if I set it up right for the future. The enquiry above was really about historic data that hasn’t been tagged but I can definitely see scope for using this one - it’s one I’ve used in other programmes.

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