Updating purchase invoices

Hi @kingdom12

I think the best approach for this would be to set up a new bank account on QuickFile, called something like ‘Expense Reimbursements’ (this can be whatever you feel is most relevant).

Then you would treat it as a merchant account. In summary, you would create the purchase invoice based on the receipts that have been given to you, and tag them as paid from the new bank account. This will make this bank account show as overdrawn (negative balance), which means you owe it money, or rather your employees.

Then, when you pay them back, you can tag it as a transfer from your current account to the holding account to balance it.

There’s more details on handling this set up in our knowledge base, here.

Hope that makes sense! If in doubt, I’d recommend asking your accountant to be safe (I’m not one).

Hope that helps :slight_smile: