Using cash register to record vat and non vat

Hi please can someone help me record my till sales and split the sales into vat, non vat, and commission based sales

Have a look at Cash Register Tool on how to split your sales between VAT and non VAT.

Hi thanks for the reply and i have managed to get the VAT to appear on the cash register, is there a way of adding nominal codes to appear on the cash register because i need to break down my till sales in to vat non vat and commission based sales like i do in my sage package like i have been doing in sage. please forgive me if i am being dense. i am only changing thanks to MTD

There is another “Knowledge Base” article on how to account for a more complex scenario by entering your till’s Z readings manually…see Accounting for daily takings you should be able to follow the example and split your sales into the appropriate categories to match the Z reading.

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