Using Quickfile outside UK

The last discussion on this was in 2014.
Any news?
I would like to use Quickfile in Canada, most likely only with CAD and USD currencies.
Bank feed is also essential requirement. Would any of our banks be supported?
Please advise if it would be feasible. Thanks!

Hello @Draseva

There hasn’t been any changes here I’m afraid. QuickFile is set up for UK based businesses, including the base currency being GBP, invoices marked with “United Kingdom” in the address, and set up inline with HMRC guidelines for VAT.

There are no restrictions in regards to access however, and we do support multiple currencies.

In regards to bankfeeds, Yodlee do support banks from a number of countries, so you may be able to connect them. But we’re only able to offer support for those listed in our supported list: Supported Bank Feeds

Thank you. That sounds like a no…

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