VAT only sales invoice

Hi, is the only way to create a VAT only sales invoice still to have one line as standard rated and then a minus line below it at zero rated, or is there a proper way to do this now?

Have a look at @FaradayKeynes response on this subject Customs VAT invoice - #7 by FaradayKeynes

Thanks @alan_mcbrien but this is a sales invoice not a supplier invoice, and they don’t seem to work in the same way

I’ve had a go at this end on a purchase invoice and works fine. You should be able to enter your VAT purchase invoice as described…more info given by @Joe at C79: Import VAT / Import Duty / Handling Fees - #2 by Joe

Hi @alan_mcbrien yes as I said I know that works with supplier/purchase invoices, but this is a sales invoice that I am asking about - an invoice raised by the client using Quickfile to one of their customers

Weird one!

Beyond anything that I am aware QF can accomplish. Sales invoicing within QF is simplistic to avoid having problems with HMRC over VAT collection.

Seems like this type of invoice that you want to issue is not supported.

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