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VAT Out of Scope Invoice

I am dealing with some clients that are Out of Scope for VAT. Your help file mentions being able to set this up in the Modify Client Details section.

I cant see the option mentioned…“You will now see some specific VAT options available for the client. Check the option “Exempt or out of scope for VAT purposes”.”

Just looking to have the settings saved automatically when sending invoices to those specific overseas clients.

Hi @PJ1

Thank you for bringing that to our attention. The option doesn’t need to be enabled on the client first, the out of scope options are available on all invoices now so you would need to set it per invoice

Thanks Beth

So the option of setting it in Client Details is no longer available?

Just don’t want to miss the fact VAT may be added if I don’t change each invoice?

Hi @PJ1

Correct, you were never able to set a default VAT rate per client, the tick box just enabled the option on the invoice. You can only set a default VAT rate on a supplier.

You can however set a VAT rate per inventory item if that helps you at all? Setting up reusable inventory items

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