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VAT (Purchase outside EC) question


I asked this question before a while ago but I probably didn’t understand what I was asking for clearly enough but now I do so…

I am on the flat rate scheme so am not trying to claim VAT back on anything (this quarter). My question is to do with how I complete my flat-rate VAT return and tell it that, in addition to the normal VAT on sales, I owe 20% of about £45 that my company spent on prototype parts from China on which no VAT has been paid.

On the previous VAT return form there are only boxes for sales and purchases in the UK or EC but as far as I understand I need to pay the 20% VAT on this and include it in my return.

Q1) How would I do that in the boxes in on the VAT return web form.
Q2) How will I be able to get QuickFile to do this for me as I complete the MTD VAT return or will it be possible for me to make a manual adjustment (and if so, how).
Q3) I have created a supplier and marked them as “Exempt or out of scope for VAT purpose”. Is this correct and is this enough to make the VAT return correct ?

(I have only just gone through the procedure to register for MTD on the HMRC website so I can’t yet get into the ‘Submit VAT return’ part of QuickFile).

Many thanks.


You should talk to an accountant about this - who or what document has told you you owe 20% on your non-EU imports at VAT return time? Normally with imports from outside the EU you don’t have to do anything special on your VAT return - the import VAT, if there is any, is charged up front and for postal imports it is collected by the carrier before they release the parcel. It’s only EU acquisitions where you have to declare the 20% on your VAT return.

(This may all change post-Brexit of course, but this is how I understand the current situation)

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Oh I see, thank you. I assumed I had to pay VAT at 20% because I couldn’t see how it was being paid. Now I understand why the courier charge was a bit higher than I expected.
That makes life much simpler!