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VAT Return checked and rechecked and done and redone HELP

I can not file my VAT return with Quickfile.
I have redone the link with HMRC, I have checked the boxes on Quickfile, I have registered for MTD, I have with HMRC that Quickfile is authorized. My VAT is now a month late as I have redone all the links etc… but no good. please help very urgently.


Sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues.

What is the exact error message that you’re seeing?

You are not yet authorised to view this report for the VRN 309 4986 66. Please ensure your VAT number is correct and you have connected the corresponding HMRC Tax Account. If you have recently enrolled on the MTD scheme please allow 24 hours for HMRC systems to update.

If you go to reports > hmrc in quickfile. Look at the list of tax accounts, make sure there is only one. If you’ve added multiple ones then you need to delete all but one of them.

With only one account. Make sure it’s set to organisation and not individual. Most people slip up on this bit.

Done this no difference still the same message

So when you disconnect the account and reconnect. It redirects you to hmrc, you then login to hmrc, and it send you a passcode which you enter, and it then redirects you back to quickfile. Yes?

Where do I check if it is listed as organisation or individual please

So I have just disconnected the HMRC and I am going to go through all the steps again with you if this is ok.
When I go to connect it does show the tick in organisation and my company name

OK. Make sure the company name matches that which hmrc hold. Which I’m sure it probably does but I had to check anyway.

When you try to connect it should redirect you to hmrc. Make sure you login using the vat account you have with hmrc.

It will ask to send you a passcode, when it does enter it and it should redirect you back.

Yes it asked me to authorise and took me back after I agreed to Quickfile

so it is now set up and I did remove the previous link but it does not work

Might need admin to take a look at your account as that’s as far as I can help really.

by the way this is exactly what I have done for the past month and waited

ok how do I get admin to look as there is no contact other then this

Hi @Evey

If you log in to the HMRC website using the exact same username and password, do you see MTD listed there in your account?

There’s an example and some steps on the following guide: Making Tax Digital: Troubleshooting

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