VAT Setting on Quickfile

Hi We have been using Quickfile fo rabout 6 months, we have now applied to be VAT registered, we have asked for the 1/12/1013 as our start date.

How do we go about setting this up within Quickfile, please.

  1. First you need to enable the VAT settings on your account by selecting “Account Settings” then “Company settings” from the top navigation menu:

  1. You will now be taken to the ‘Company Profile’ page, on this page there is a checkbox “VAT Registered” which is currently unchecked, check this and enter your VAT number:

  1. When you’re ready to file your VAT return, see our knowledgebase 'VAT Returns Guide’ for further assistance on setting up your account to file the return online directly with HMRC.

Hi Joe,

Thank you, looks very simple.

How do we tell quickfile the date that our VAT registration starts?
Reason for asking is, although we asked for our VAT period to start on 01/12/13 we have not received our vat number.


This question crops up a lot…I think this guide will help you: