Where to I find the invoice from Quickfile from when I paid for my large account

Hello I am looking for where I can find the VAT invoice from your company when I paid for my large account.

I can’t seem to find it in my account, please help.

Also, for paying customers; is there a better/more direct support available like an email or phone number?

Best Regards,

Hi Mike,

For the invoice, please take a look at Glenn’s post here:

In terms of the support options, I don’t believe there are any plans to expand this at this at the moment, however, as you can see, the forum support is quite quick!

We don’t intend to make any changes to the way we handle support in QuickFile. To provide more one-to-one support would require us to hire a great deal more staff and would mean that we’d need to be charging double the current rate to cover our costs.

If you look at some of the more expensive cloud accounting companies (I won’t mention names) you will see limited phone support and 3-5 day lead times on replying to emails.

The forum allows us to turn things around much quicker and given that many typical queries are already answered here it’s proven to be the most efficient way to support users.

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