Yodlee - why are my NatWest transactions delayed?

why is it that yoodle is 6 days behind so system sends out late payment notices ? also the accoutn information direct online with natwest is uptodat?47

Hi @pelican

As per our previous discussion on this, it’s because of the way NatWest handle their transactions.

For your reference:

3 days is a few , 123456789012234445545

It depends on a few factors. The number of days delayed, from our stance, doesn’t change. However, it does depend on a few things, such as when NatWest shows it on your online account and when Yodlee picks it up. Bear in mind that bank holidays and weekends will also affect when a transaction appears and can delay the process by a few extra days.

At the moment access to banking data isn’t reliable. However, with Open Banking, this is likely to be improved. You can find out more here:

@pelican - Just a quick update to let you know that you can now remove the delay if you wish:

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