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£0 invoice creation

The system won’t let me raise an invoice and a credit at the same time. To show that no money is due. How should I do this please? The situation is where I need to invoice a client and at the same time there is a voucher needing to be applied which in effect cancels the invoice.

I don’t think you can do that so it would have to be full value and then credited. Zero cost invoices - #2 by Glenn

That’s what I thought. Is there any way of creating a credit note do you know?

Once you’ve created the invoice then the credit note option is under the “more options” button at the top of the invoice preview screen.

Hi @family

If once you’ve created the invoice and the credit note you could also send the client an account statement to show that they have a nil balance against their account

As you are offering a voucher value against the sale, have you tried creating an invoice with the various line items and then adding a new line item for ‘discounts given’ that zero’s the invoice amount?

Never tried it but it might work and keep things nice and tidy.

I have tried that but it won’t let me create an invoice with zero value.

Which I really think one should be allowed to do.


Hi @family

QuickFile does not allow £0 value invoices - You would need to create an invoice and then credit it full.

As mentioned in this thread: Zero cost invoices they are being considered

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