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Zero cost invoices


Is there a way of producing a zero cost invoice?

I.e. I am giving someone something for free but want to create an invoice to show it is free?

Is the only way to create the invoice and then credit it?

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Advice note

No you can’t issue a zero value invoice in Quick File. You could however issue an invoice at the normal retail price and follow it up with a credit note.


This is something that would also be of value to us. Our preference would be for a 100% discount (we want the client to see how much of a freebe they are getting) although the ability to create zero value lines as well would be a bonus.


For one quickfile use we need to be able to issue an invoice to members who are honorary and so would have a perfectly correct and valid invoice cost of £0.00 as it is not they do not exist (which seems to be the quickfile view.)
Equally, there are other legitimate reasons for issuing an invoice for a zero amount eg. issue a replacement item under warranty (an invoice generating action but with no (zero) client cost,) transfer of inventory between locations, sending of items for review / inspection.
We do not need work-arounds as all they do is make for confusion unless the idea to get the number of ledger entries up?
Put full price, allow a 100% reduction - oops thats zero and not allowed.
Not as if it is a difficult feature to enact, just change validation from >0 to >=0.


On the back of this, would/could the same also be done for zero rated purchases? I have one supplier who invoices everything on one invoice then sends out back order/out of stock items later with 100% discounted invoices. Usually I just delete the back order invoices (when tagging via receipt hub) but it makes sense to have all the invoices logged against the supplier for audit purposes.


This would be useful to us to record items repaired under warranty.


Being able to create a zero value invoice would also be beneficial to us, sometimes we need to despatch zero valued items, I am currently unable to run a delivery note off for these because I am unable to create the invoice, my only workaround is to generate manual delivery notes and invoices which isn’t ideal, there is also no record of the invoice in Quickfile.



This would make my life so much easier too

i make invoices for 0.01p, which is a pain and doesnt look very smart

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