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Cannot import an invoice with £0.00 (zero) value?

There was an error processing your file:
Error at line 1: Total gross amount should be a positive value.
We are trying QF for our membership, we have Honorary members so their yearly invoice is zero.
Invoice on line 1 is for a Honorary member so value is 0 - which IS a positive (certainly is not negative) and acceptable number for an invoice.
So I would guess your validation checks >0 not >=0?

It’s not so much the number zero being positive or negative, it is that a zero value invoice has no relevance or meaning in accounting terms so that is why it is skipped/ignored. Same reason you cannot create an invoice with a zero value.

Thank you for your quick reply.
It is a bug then - there are legitimate reasons for issuing an invoice for a zero amount eg. issue a replacement item under warranty (an invoice generating action but with no (zero) client cost,) transfer of inventory between locations, sending of items for review / inspection.

There’s a few threads on this showing some workarounds and I think a feature thread you can add your vote to if you want.

While a zero value invoice has no relevance from a purely accounting viewpoint the lack does mean, for example, that you can’t automatically create a packing list.

There have been a number of posts about this over the years but the feature request hasn’t had much support. You can add your vote at Zero cost invoices

Incidentally you can have zero value lines on an invoice as long as the first line has a value and the total value exceeds zero. (eg buy A and get B free)

Isn’t the delivery note able to be used as a packing/pick list?

Vote and reasons added.
Much as “technically” a contract is not formed without a (reasonable) lien, transferring goods or services B2B or B2C requires an audit trail which is easiest done via a simple single action invoice.
I am not sure that a 100% discount achieves anything but confusion.
Thank you all for weighing in either way.

You can type in a small value, eg 1 penny, on the delivery note and the value will not be shown when you print the delivery note so it can be used as a packing list.

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