1 Payment (Part transfer, and 2 payments)

Hi everyone.

I have a transaction from my bank feed. It is one transaction for £150.

£50 is a transfer to another account (its to paydown a credit card)
£50 is for fuel (the same company takes fuel payment and credit card payment in one)
£50 is for the credit charge.

So its one payment from the same company but split 3 ways, can this be done?? Thanks

hi @perfectionprinting,

Yes you can use the pay multiple invoice option. The invoices would all have to be on the same client account. If they are on separate accounts then you would need to create the smaller amounts in the bank feed and delete the original one brought in by the feed.

Hope this helps

If the three way split were to three different purchases from the same supplier then you could “pay down multiple invoices”, but as one of the splits is a bank transfer the only two options are:

  • Delete the £150 transaction and replace it with a £100 (tagged to one or more purchases on the same supplier for the fuel and the credit charge) and a £50 (tagged as a transfer between accounts), or
  • Use a separate holding bank account (call it something like “split payments”), put the two or three separate transactions in there, and then tag the £150 as a transfer to the holding account.

Thanks everyone!!

What ive done is created an account for the chargecard, then tagged all normal purchases and credit charges into that, then each week when the card is brought upto date ive done it as a transfer from business account to the supplier!!

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