100% VAT option on repairs


i had a car crash and the insurance pay the repairs . i never got a charged for the repair but they said i had to pay the vat on the repair and sent me a bill for £543.22 which i paid . i am doing my vat return but i cant do 100% vat ie the full £543.22 on that item in my qf any ideas

I’m not 100% sure how it should be recorded, so maybe an accountant can confirm this for you. However, take a look at @Glenn’s post here to see how you could record just the VAT as a payment:

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i dont get how i change it from my bank statement though

I’m afraid you can’t do this directly from the bank, you would need to create the invoice manually then mark it as paid.

This will create a duplicate tagged entry on the bank side, so you would then just need to delete the untagged one in your screenshot.

Hope that helps!

ok thx alot i guess theres not meny times you need 100% vat inputs

i could not seam to be able to do it like your example. is this ok or will it mess any credits or debits up ???

You’d need to create a purchase invoice like this:

Pay it from the account your payment was taken from then delete any other duplicates on your bank.

The above is a VAT only invoice for £543.22.