1st VAT submission via MTD

I have connected my HMRC account to Quickfile for MTD and have just submitted my first return via the HMRC tab as it says its all connected.
When I submitted it though it came up with message saying this information has not been submitted to HMRC? What else do I need to do as thought that was the point of connecting my VAT account with quickfile so that it went straight through.
Please advise what else I need to do.

Hi @Paul_Welling,

If you have registered for MTD, had the confirmation email and linked your QuickFile account then to submit your return you have to go to:

Reports > HMRC you will then be able to see what returns they are expecting and Prepare and Submit them through that screen.

If you have already saved a return for that period then you will need to roll this back first.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks and I hadn’t ticked the box to file online in ‘settings’!! I have done that now, rolled back the VAT and resubmitted and it now says HMRC have received it so all is good.

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I have also had the same error VRN specified was not found. I am registed for MTD over a month ago. I have ticked the boxes in quickfile to enable the filing and HMRC are also expecting MTD filing so I dont know what else to try. can you help

Hi @angie22

The error is returned to us by HMRC. If everything is correct on your QuickFile account, it may be worth checking with HMRC through their VAT helpline to make sure everything is set up correctly there too.

It’s worth checking:

  • You are enrolled on HMRC and have received the confirmation email
  • If you log into the HMRC account directly, it shows that’s you’ve enrolled?
  • In your VAT settings, you have enabled MTD and linked the correct HMRC account

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