2 companies with same user/director and same accountant


I am an accountant and Affinity member.
I have a Ltd company client who set up their own Quickfile (QF) account and added me as a user.
The director of that company has set up another company and again set up his own QF account.
He intends for both companies to continue trading and each has different shareholders/directors.
When he tries to add me as a user on his second Ltd he is warned that my email has already been registered to another QF account.
The warning suggests that he set up an Affinity account.

Do his companies need to be assigned to my Affinity account to allow us to proceed?
If so how do I do this?
One company has been trading for a year and the other has not been trading yet but wants to trade from 1st Nov.

Many thanks in anticipation of your kind assistance, Ian

Hi @robertianjames

QuickFile has a one account per email address policy. However, as you have an Affinity account, you would simply issue an invite to them from your Affinity dashboard, and that would permit you to access both accounts through your one Affinity login.

I hope that helps, but please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any further questions.

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