2-Factor Authentication for Affinity

I just signed up for an Affinity account to more conveniently manage my two different Quickfile accounts (I work as a sole trader in two completely different industries), but to my surprise there doesn’t appear to be a 2-Factor option for Affinity accounts.

This effectively negates the extra security offered by the 2-Factor configuration on both connected profiles as a successful login into my Affinity account gives full access to both my Quickfile accounts.

Sadly this means that I will have to stop using Affinity until it gains 2-Factor Authentication support. Is this planned for the near future?

I agree with the points you make. It’s definitely planned and something we want to implement in the next 3-6 months.

We first wanted to provide some time to test our 2FA implementation on the core system before expanding it out to Affinity. I will update you when this feature is also available to Affinity users.

Thanks Glenn for the quick response, I look forward to its implementation.

Quick update here:

The work to implement 2FA on Affinity is now complete. We still need to fully test this before it can go live, but provisionally I’d say this will take around 1-2 weeks. We should have a much earlier ETA than originally anticipated.

That’s great to hear, much sooner than expected!

I’m pleased to confirm that 2-Factor authentication is now available for all Affinity users. It works in the same way as stand-alone QuickFile accounts and will require the Google Authenticator app in order to issue tokens.

2-Factor Authentication

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I really appreciate the speed with which this was implemented, especially after expectation was initially set at 3-6 months.

It will make managing my two separate businesses, however small they may be, a lot easier, so thanks to you and your team!

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