2 factor gmail authentication disconnects smtp

Having enabled TFA on quickfile and subsequently on my gmail account, the smtp connection from quickfile has been broken. Within gmail security I can only see a way to generate an app code to allow an external app to keep authenticating (once trusted by entering the code). There is no ability to do this within the interface, just wondered if anyone knows a way to overcome this without disabling TFA on gmail?

Hi sean1, I think you are on the right way, have a look here: https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/185833?hl=en
The password you create when you follow that article is the password you have to enter in your smtp settings.
Edit: have a look here : Using a 2-step verification Google Account with QuickFile

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Spot on - thanks for the rapid response. For some reason I thought I need to supply an additional password to Quickfile, but that makes complete sense now.

You are welcome, sean1 :+1:

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