2 factor sync not working for team members

I have been able to successfully configure 2 factor for my own admin account, but when attempting to configure for a colleague we’re running into some problems.

I have downloaded the Google Authenticator app, scanned the barcode and have Quickfile registered with the app.

When trying to log in with my colleagues account to test I enter the Authenticator code from the app but it keeps on displaying the message "Contact your account administator to enable 2-factor authentication’

Did you click on the “Setup additional team members” link, this will allow you to send a link by email to a QR code for your other user.

It is only this QR code that will work with the second user.

Hi Glenn,

Yes we did, I have primary admin control of our account. I clicked on this link which sent an email out. My colleague was then able to scan the QR code and have Google Authenticator add in the association.
When trying to login we got the error.

I’ve passed this to an engineer for testing. We have a number of multi-user accounts setup with 2FA so I’m not sure what the problem is here?

Could this be because your “colleagues account” is actually referring to the colleagues Google Account that has 2 stage verification for logging into it!

(the second stage is an SMS to your colleagues mobile from google)

I’m told by the engineer that the second user’s request is still PENDING. When your additional user has scanned the QR code they need to enter the number in the box below, this will then activate their 2FA.

Hi Glenn

We did exactly this, scanned the QR code in the email which added the 2FA for Quickfile to the Google Authenticator app.

Then go to log in to QF with my colleague’s account email/pwd and the code from Google Authenticator and it reports that the 2FA needs enabling for the account… a little baffled as did the same process with my account and it worked fine.

Difference is he has an Android phone and I have an iPhone. That’s about it.

I routinely use Android for 2FA on QuickFile without any problem.

The key thing is (which appears to have been missed), as soon as you have scanned that QR code on your colleagues phone you need to enter the first code from the Authenticator app into the box below… did you do this? If you did I’m assuming the status would not be PENDING, but ACTIVE.

Hmm, will give it another shot and then get back to you!

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