2 step verification and the Android Quickfile App

Struggling to get the 2 step verification on the android app - it repeatedly says code invalid but I have followed the system and it is set up properly.

Hi AntEmm,

I had the same problem with another program (not with quickfile) and I deleted the google authentication app and re-installed it. There was a synchronisation problem because the program and the google app had different times. I hope this helps

Or more generally make sure your device is set to the correct time (they usually set time automatically from the network but there is an option in settings to disable that) - the algorithm used by Google Authenticator and other compatible authenticator apps like Authy and FreeOTP relies on the clocks on your phone and on the remote server you’re logging into being in sync to within a few seconds.

Thanks for your advice but unfortunately although I uninstalled the authenticator and then reinstalled it and set it up again and made sure that the clock times are in sync the Quickfile Android App still doesn’t accept the authenticator codes generated.

Any further advice welcomed

Hi @AntEmm

I’ve tested a log in this morning with the 2FA code and it’s worked all OK.

I would double check a few things such as the right email address has been linked to the code (each login would have their own). Apart from uninstalling and reinstalling the app, try forcing a sync (there are some details here: https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/2653433?hl=en).

Hi Matthew

Thanks - it may be that it is the incorrect e-mail address. My e-mail address for Quickfile is not a gmail address. How do I make google use a non gmail e-mail address?


There’s nothing specific to gmail in the way the Authenticator app works, the process is an open standard of which Google Authenticator is one implementation. If you’re logging in with the same email address that you were logged in as when you generated and scanned the original QR code and your clock is in sync then it should work fine.

If you can still get in to QuickFile on the web (if you’ve “remembered” your usual web browser) then it may be worth going through the two factor setup process again, possibly using a different authentication app like FreeOTP in case it’s an issue with the Google app specifically on your phone - like I say, any TOTP-compatible app will work, it doesn’t have to be the google one.

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Hi Ian
Thanks going through the two factor set up process again within quickfile again seems to have worked.
Thanks for the advice


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