2015 Journal reflected on 2016 Balance sheet incorrectly

Could you please urgently check the following as I am trying to finalise our Year End 30/06/2016.

  1. Journal dated 30/06/2015 “Accrual year end Accounting Fees – June 2015” is included on my balance sheet for the period 30/06/2016 and this is not correct. Balance sheet item 7601 – Audit and Accounting Fees.
  2. Not sure why Journal dated 30/06/2015 “Year End Journal 30/06/2015” is not locked. I did lock the date “30/06/2015” in the tool settings but it still will not lock.
    Thank you

I’m sorry - not Balance sheet item “7601” rather Balance sheet item 2109 Accruals!! Apologies for the confusion.

It sounds like you just need to reverse the journal in YE 2016 to clear it back to the expense code

Hi @sonnet

The balance sheet will show cumulative balances (i.e. the sum of all credits & debits from when you started using QuickFile), so a journal for June 2015 would affect the a balance sheet report made up to June 2016.

When you lock an accounting period it locks down the period but an exception is made for year-end journals, this is so you can post a year-end journal and modify it if you need to, without having to rollback the year-end journals completely.

Thank you Jenny, my bad! I used the wrong nominal code on my journal.

Thank you QF Support.

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