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2100 Creditors Control Account Dr balance


I have an issue as sorting out end of year accounts. My balance sheet report as at 31/01/2018, it is still showing under 2100 Creditors Control Account Dr balance of £** where as no creditors appearing under historic report or any other prepayments.
If I go to my chart of accounts, everything balances.
Any ideas?


The chart of accounts doesn’t show balances, it shows the total of transactions during the selected period. If your CoA shows zero it means that the in and out transactions on that nominal during that period balanced out, but if there was a non-zero balance on that account at the start of the period then there will still be the same non-zero balance on the same account at the end of the period.

The “trial balance” may be a better report to look at as that shows you the opening and closing balances as well as the transaction totals.


There is no opening balance as it is first year so looking to TB wont help.


Hi @Chris_Dabbs

It’s hard to say for sure. It’s probably better if I send you a private message to get some specifics on your account. Look out for a green notification icon (top right).