25% vat

I have bought a couple of things for work in Sweden where the vat rate is 25%. I can’t see a way to change the vat rate to this and if I just try to change the amount of vat, Quickfile won’t allow it.

Hi @Britta

You can go to Account Settings >> Advanced Settings, and enter any additional VAT rates there to be available on your invoices:

It may also be worth reading this topic in relation to some invoices from EC Suppliers:

I should add: I’m not an accountant

Thank you. Sorted now I think.

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Hi, you cannot claim non UK vat back on your vat return. You should provide the supplier with your vat reg and they can invoice you without vat. As per EU vat rules.

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Hi George,
Thanks for your reply. I bought sim cards and broadband credit so that I could work whilst on holiday. It was just in a shop so no supplier invoice. When I enter the receipt on my purchase ledger should I just enter the gross amount and put out of scope for the vat?
Thanks, Britta

I would enter the gross and use the reverse charge for the vat at 20℅ because it’s not outside the scope for vat

Surely you can only reverse charge if you have a proper zero-rated VAT invoice from the supplier showing your UK VAT number, which they can only give you if you show proof that the goods have been exported. If you’re buying something while you’re in the country for use before you leave then you’d just have to put the gross amount down as zero VAT with no reverse charge as there’s nothing you can reclaim.