500 - Server error - getting by API

Hello Team,
I am sending request for Client create by API, but i am getting 500 - server error, but when i am looking into Quickfile portal client is created there.
Please have a glance on this. Screen is attached.

Hi @satishepeurope

We’re taking a look at this for you now and will come back to you shortly.

Hi @QFMathew
Thanks for quick support.
Please try to fix it ASAP.

Hi, calling the Supplier_Search function by JSON even using the example code in the sandbox currently returns null. The sample code matches one of my suppliers so expected result would be one match. The sample code for XML works (although complains about the showcredits line)

Hi @Nurg

We are currently investigating issues with the API. I’ll keep you updated with any information.

Hi @satishepeurope and @Nurg

These errors should now be resolved, would you mind trying again and letting us know if this works for you?

Thanks for your patience with this issue.

Magic, works perfectly again. Many thanks for the speedy response and fix.

Working fine. Thank you for Quick support.

Hello @QFMathew and @QFSian

Again same error, 500 - server error, what is going on guys.
Please give proper solution. Please fix it as sooon as possible.

Hi @satishepeurope

I’ve asked a developer to take a look. Can I just check if it’s the JSON or XML endpoints you’re seeing this with? Any particular endpoints?

Hi @QFMathew

it is json.

Hi @satishepeurope

Apologies for not replying sooner, but this was resolved shortly after your post.

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