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(7601) Accountancy Fees not showing on P&L

Hi, my yearly fees to my accountant were entered under code ‘(7601) Audit and Accountancy Fees’ but in my P&L report there is no sign of the transaction as an expense. I am trying to get my Quickfile account to match the accounts my accountant has provided, but without this transaction showing as an expense, I can’t see how to get my P&L to match. Can anyone shed light on this?

Kind regards

Hi @odc

The first thing to check would be the date range on the P&L report and ensuring you’re looking at the right period.

Other than that - double check the purchase invoice, ensure the nominal code/category is correct.

If you’re still stuck, let me know and we can take a closer look for you.

Thank you for getting back so quickly… it turns out it was because of an earlier journal my accountants advised me to make. Sorry for wasting your time… still getting used to the system.

Kind regards

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No problem at all! Glad to hear you managed to get this sorted :slight_smile:

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