A few questions about paid Year End Accounting service from QuickFile accountant

Hi, I am thinking about using your paid Year End service and there are a couple of questions that arise.

QUESTION 1) When I click Year End Checklist the accounting period shows as date when my business was incorporated to the accounting year end date.
In my case 28 MAR 2013 - 31 MAR 2014
Therefore the price is for preparing 2 CT600
But my company was dormant until 1 APRIL 2013 therefore I need only 1 CT600 return because my real Accounting period is 1 APR 2013 - 31 MAR 2014
but Companies house accounts would be 28 MAR 2013 - 31 MAR 2014

What should be done about it?

QUESTION 2) On the help page
It says that you would handle Assets, Stock Balances and PAYROL figures
Do I still need to record all of this myself in the chart of accounts, for example tag net salaries in bank account and make Monthly payroll journals to come up with gross wages.
Or do you handle this based on the Payroll figures that I would be asked to enter?

Same about the Stock Balances do I need to make closing stock balance journal myself or you will handle it and I only need to give you the closing stock balance?

Thanks in advanced for the answers.

First year limited company accounts cover two periods and require two sets of accounts to be drafted, this also applies for the dormant period. I’m not 100% sure about the CT600, this side of things gets handled by a different department. I am aware that there’s a little bit more time spent working on first year limited companies and this is reflected in the price.

Regarding your second question, it is generally advisable to ensure your bookkeeping is fully up to date before submission but if you’re stuck on the payroll figures you can submit as is and mention this to your accounts manager. Each year-end client will have a direct line of communication to an accountant to help you resolve any small details.

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