A full nominal ledger report of all transactions?

Hi there,

Is there any chance that you would bring “the detailed download” back?

As the site suggested I downloaded “a full nominal ledger report,” but I don’t seem I can find all the entries in the downloaded file.

I am still looking for the entries for my current account which I input from "Something else not on this list."
I don’t think such entries are not included the files.

I used to download detailed data to save in my PC and double check all my entries.
I remember the function was gone once. So I bought an accounting software to manage things by myself, but I found it uncomfortable to use.

After a while, I found the detailed download was back at Quickfile.
But now, it is gone again.
Your site is free and easy to use which I appreciate a great deal.
That is way my accountant told me to use the site.

I wish you could bring that back and not give changes to the site so often…

Anyway, could you please tell me where I can find the manual entries (with nominal codes) for my current account?

Many thanks.

UPDATE (May 2017): We have now restored the detailed ledger report to the Chart of Accounts screen and added a few extra filtering controls. You can find out more about this update here.

Hi @Eiskaffee

As a cloud software provider, we continually make changes to ensure it remains compatible with various browsers and systems, as well as keeping on top of security and maintaining stability of the system.

As you can appreciate, our software is used by thousands of users, and the full ledger report was quite a resource heavy report. We haven’t removed it by all means, we’ve just moved it to the back up facility.

If you go to the chart of accounts report, and click export, there’s a link to the page you can download the report from:

If you haven’t already, you’ll need to set up a back up on your account. Once that’s done, you’ll have the option to run a report there and then, which will email the zip file to you, or upload it to Dropbox:

Alternatively, you can follow the instructions in the post below:

Hope that helps

Thank you for your reply.

Sorry, I got mixed up in my question.
My question was where I can find the entries, that were tagged, with nominal codes.

I already tried the way you have suggested.
And I downloaded many files, but I don’t think the file called “Journals” includes the entries that were tagged in the bank account page.

I can see tagged entries in one of the files, but the file doesn’t show any nominal codes which I had manually input online.
So, when I want to check those entries in an excel format, I need to manually input nominal codes again.

Well, as you said you are serving thousands of users, I don’t think any amendment will be made as it is just a tiny thing.
So, thanks for your time, anyway.

There should be a file in the zip folder called ‘Nominal_Ledger.csv’ which contains a list of all your nominal activity. That’s what the previous export feature used to generate.

Anything that wouldn’t be associated with nominal codes (such as untagged bank entries, however invoices would be) are excluded from that report.

We’re happy to consider any changes. You can even post you own in the ‘Features’ category. Generally we develop things based on user demand and feedback, so if other people like your suggestion, they can add their comments or vote too :slight_smile:


I ran a back up again today and found a file called "Nominal Ledger."
It’s got everything I need!
I didn’t see such a file in recent zip downloads, so it is a bit weird…

Anyway, thank you for saving me.
(I almost bought another accounting software :grinning:)

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Glad you found it (and you’re still with us :slight_smile: )!

Let us know if you need any further help.

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