A purchase is missing from my VAT Return

I have created a VAT report for the period 01/06/2019 to 31/08/2019 but it is missing one of the purchases.
The purchase in question has ref QF00093 and is dated 16/06/2019 so within the period.
Also, it is not marked as either VAT Exempt or Out Of Scope.

One possible problem is that the payment date is 02/09/2019.
If this is the problem, then how do I change this date? The payment was actually made on 16/06/2019.

Hello @antonym1122

Are you on cash accounting? From what you’ve said, that does sound like the case, and the payment date is the reason the invoice is missing from the return.

You would need to adjust the date on the payment. If it’s tagged from a bank transaction, this would involve clicking the date itself and adjusting it:

Hello @QFMathew,

Yes I am cash accounting.

How do I adjust the date on the payment? I have clicked Modify, which takes me to a screen with no ability to change the payment date:


Instead of the modify button, click the link that says something like “there is a payment allocated to this purchase” immediately under the row of buttons. This takes you to the payment record as opposed to the purchase and you should be able to change the date there, or if you can’t directly on that page then there’s a button to take you to the bank transaction and then you can change the date on that.

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Thank you @ian_roberts. I did that and deleted the payment and created a new one. Fixed.

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