A 'sale' is missing from my VAT return

I am currently filing my VAT. I issued an invoice on the 10th Sept (within the VAT period), received a payment on the 17th Sept and tagged the payment on the 29th Sept. However, this sale is not appearing in my VAT report. I have downloaded the Excel spreadsheet and it does not show.

It shows everywhere else - sales report, bank account, etc.

This is causing my ‘sales’ firgure on my VAT return to show lower than it should.

Can anyone help?

Is the invoice in question marked as “Out of Scope”? This would cause any attached payments to be omitted from the return if you’re on cash accounting.

Nothing strange on the ‘invoice management’ page. Not marked as out of scope. Looks completely normal., but doesn’t show up on the spreadsheet when I download the calculations from the VAT return page… very odd!

It wouldn’t be marked as “Out of Scope” on the invoice management page (something we’re looking to address), only when you actually go to edit the invoice will you see the checkbox for “out of scope”.

I can actually see invoice INF00019 on your account is marked as such.

Great. Sorted. I do most of my work outside Europe. I may have marked ‘out of scope’ because it is outside the EU. As there was no VAT, it won’t effect the VAT payable anyway. Do you think I should mark work outside the EU as out of scope or just file it as 0% VAT?

Yes anything outside of the EU is usually marked “out of scope”, to my knowledge. I’m not an accountant so would always suggest running this by an accountant first.

Thanks. Great help. Appreciated!

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