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A way of marking deposits paid

I would love away to mark a deposit invoice paid but add that to remaining full invoice as a part payment/deposit paid.
As a magician I take a deposit of say 20% then later on invoice for the remaining. At the moment i invoice the deposit then have to invoice again and remember to take the amount of. I write in the notes the deposit paid.
I have tried a method I saw mentioned to tag the deposit paid to their account then part pay the main invoice with that. But that marks the deposit invoice as unpaid and then overdue?

Create a new nominal code call it Deposit Income, use it for deposit invoices, once the event is done, issue invoice for balance amount using normal sales code and just change code on deposit invoice to normal sales by modifying invoice, this way you can track which client are under deposit as well

That still leaves the deposit invoice as flagged as sent and mentioned under the unpaid section even though it has been paid

You need to issue two invoices , one for deposit and one for remaining invoice , use line items with zero value under despot and final invoice for cross reference, this way when you log payments against invoices it wont keep any thing outstanding. Unfortunately QF does not support partial paid invoicing like QB and xero do

I’ve decided to now on the final deposit add teh full amount and use a negative value and just manually deduct what they paid as a deposit. Getting too confusing messing around now

Just what I was going to recommend

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