Ability switch on / off specific bank tagging rules

Is it possible to have bank auto-tagging available at rule level, rather than globally (i.e. for all rules).

This would provide the necessary granularity so I can test new rules and switch on once i’m satisfied they work correctly (i.e. after a couple of months of transactions)

The current method of a global on/off switch is not practical, as I need to be sure that a newly added rule is tagging correctly before switching on

So the reality is, the auto-tagging feature is never used - despite it having great potential to save time - because i’m too fearful that new rules will corrupt my book -

Even though earlier rules have already been tested, and i’m satisfied they work, I can’t switch them on because I’m adding new rules



Hello @Adam_Damree1

It’s not possible at the moment, but we can certainly consider this as a new feature.

We’ll leave this thread open for other users to add their comments and support for this. We will let you know here if anything does change in this area.

Thanks - it would be quite a time-saving feature

I agree this would be a very useful addition.

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Hello, has there been any consideration of this feature?

It’s quite frustrating that I’m unable to use auto-tagging, as it’s all or nothing, and I need to test rules before switching to auto

I hope this can be considered/bumped up the queue


Hi Adam,

I am going to try and get this into our development plan. I think it will be beneficial for many to be able to switch on/off specific rules.

I’ve created a development ticket and updated this to “Planned” for now. It may be 3-4 weeks before it reaches production (although it also could be sooner).

I’m pleased to say that this feature has been implemented. You can now toggle on/off specific bank tagging rules from the main list.


Hi Glenn, many thanks for this - it’s going to be VERY HELPFUL!

Really appreciated


Thanks for arranging this Mathew - really pleased at the outcome

If I un-tick that does that disable the rule entirely (which may be useful in some cases) or does it make the rule fire but require confirmation? My reading of the original feature request was a desire to be able to switch individual rules between the “tag and let me confirm” and the “tag automatically” states, as a way to have well tested rules that tag automatically alongside new rules that need confirmation until you’re sure they’ve been refined correctly.

If the switch is auto-vs-off (if auto tagging is enabled at the global level) or confirm-vs-off (if not) then that’s rather less useful. Maybe we need a “traffic light” three-way choice for each rule.

The manual processing is controlled at the account level. This simply switches a rule entirely on / off.

I’ve added a note to see if we can extend the feature to support manual confirmation.

My understanding was that it would be auto-vs-confirm, as per the original global switch. My original post was with this in mind - although I haven’t checked myself yet, but will reply again if this is not the case…

@ian_roberts @Adam_Damree1

We’ve made a further enhancement to provide just that, the traffic light suggestion was very handy thank you :wink:

Providing you have auto-tagging enabled, a rule can now have 3 states as follows:


If you have auto-tagging disabled then it’s a simple binary on/off option as it was before.


That’s brilliant - thank you!

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Hi Glenn,

I’ve noticed that when I add a new rule via ‘Dynamic Rule Creation’ - it defaults to Green/On.

Personally it would be preferable if it would default to Amber/Manual Confirm - to give a chance to test the rule before switching on permanently.

Is it possible to configure this?



Hi Adam,

It isn’t as yet, although it makes sense. We’ll get that updated.

This has now been updated. New rules created from bank tagging will be automatically set for manual approval. Next time you tag you can set it to auto.

Thanks very much Glenn!