Ability to order bank accounts

Is it possible to change the order bank accounts appear on the dashboard. Not a major thing but would like different ones in different positions.

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The bank accounts will be grouped by type, e.g. current account, cash account, loan account etc however I am afraid there is no facility to order within those groups. The only sort of ordering that happens is the default current account will always show at the top, otherwise I believe they are ranked by nominal code 1200-1299.

you are correct they appear by nominal code. No problem was just an aesthetic thing i’d have liked to have moved less frequently used accounts to the bottom on that front dashboard.

How many bank accounts do you have? Or are these holding accounts?

not sure what you mean, probably they are holding accounts, i’m quite precise and like to know exactly where my money is. probably more detailed than needs to be!

I have 1 bank account called current account.

other “normal” accounts are the propreitors drawing account

Vouchers (sometimes when I sell things I get vouchers which are then used to buy)
Cash in hand (normally cash withdrawn from current account for purchases or cash sales not banked yet.)
Paypal account. (normal paypal sales)
Amazon holding account (amazon sales held in amazon before they send to bank)
Amazon transfer account (money sent from amazon to bank account in transit, (it takes about a 5 days from amazon emptying their account before it hits the bank account) so this is the only place I can display it as it does not appear in any physical account)
Post office drop and go card (preloaded “credit card” for paying postage at post office)

Basically i would have liked to move the drawings account to the very bottom, then the vouchers as it’s a rarely used account. then the amazon transfer account as it will only have info for a few days a month, so that all ones that are regularly used are at the top.

Just on the dashboard so it’s easy to see whats going on at a glance.

It’s a really minor thing, all the info is visible to me i’m just a bit of an organisation freek!

Thanks for the additional info. I’m just interested to know how different types of businesses use the software. I’ve seen some landlords with 30+ bank accounts, each being like a virtual account to track money owed by tenants. This is what I mean by a holdings account, i.e. an account that isn’t actually a bank account. I can see it being very useful to order accounts once you have more than say 10.

I’ll switch this thread to a feature and if other users support this we will certainly consider further.



At the moment, it appears that bank accounts are ordered according to the last transaction date. Whilst I appreciate there is some logic to that approach, the user experience is not good because users are not particularly conscious of when the last transaction may have taken place. Furthermore, really old accounts can be hidden from view.

I suggest that you order them according to the brand of the bank, followed by the nickname of the account. So, taking the above as an example, it would look like this:

Capital On Tap
Natwest Current Account
Natwest HMRC Account
TransferWise EUR
TransferWise GBP

It would also be nice if you could include the account number after the name, perhaps in a faded out grey?

Thanks for your consideration

Hi @fambi

Thank you for the suggestion.

Currently the accounts are ordered by group and nominal code, so typically where 1200 is the default for the current account, this would appear at the top.

Oh, I see. I was trying to find the method behind the madness and completely missed that.

Ordering according to a back-end code makes even less experience for users! :o

@fambi - I’ve merged your post into this request as they are similar. You may wish to add your vote above.

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I kind of disagree.

Allowing a user to re-order a list of bank accounts in a way that tickles their fancy sounds like a luxury. It would be great if you could implement that, but I doubt your Product Manager will prioritise luxuries.

What I’m saying is that ordering according to a back-end numeric code is a broken approach in the first place. I’m not suggesting that you let users change the way in which they’re ordered. I’m suggesting that QuickFile orders them in a logical way in the first place. That requires 1 line of code which perhaps your Product Manager may consider prioritising.

Out of interest, is there any logic behind ordering bank accounts according to their numerical nominal codes? From a user’s point of view, it sounds akin to ordering my contact list according to their telephone numbers.


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I actually never even look at my bank accounts on that screen anyway, the ones I need to see on the regular are displayed on my dashboard. The order of the accounts on that screen is of no consequence to anything at all, I couldn’t care less if they were by nominal, the amount of letters in their name, their TrustPilot score or a combination of all 3. I’d argue that ordering by nominal makes as much sense as ordering by anything else.

As I think about it you could somewhat reorder by adjusting the nominals (depending on what exactly they are and how you use the nominals) but to list alphabetically for instance you’d lose this ability.

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Ultimately, I’m not THAT fussed. The way users work is that we learn tolerate small frustrations when the overall value we get from the product outweighs the small frustrations. The same applies even more so to product owners too.

So unless you have new users highlighting small frustrations, they become part of the product forever and new users face them in silence.

I’m surprised I’m even having to argue the case of listing a list of names alphabetically rather than some back-end number which doesn’t even show on the screen and I’ll just join everyone else in getting used to it. I just thought the team would appreciate it being highlighted.

Hi @fambi

Please rest assured, we do appreciate all feedback from our users.

I do believe these requests are related, whether they are ordered alphabetically, grouped by brand, ordered by nominal code, or in a custom order.

We recently introduced a new voting feature on the forum, so I would encourage you to add your vote to this request so we can track the interest here.

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