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Access client in Affinity

Hi. opened an affinity account, got a link and an email address to the account - now it keeps saying: Invalid Login Credentials.
I can’t press ‘I forgot’ as I wouldn’t know how to retrieve it with that email address, If I enter phqs email it comes up as ‘No account with this email could be located’


Hi @sig44

Are you able to access the client’s account directly from your Affinity control panel, or do you see an error there?

It asks to click here if you want this client but then wants me to log in

Can I just confirm where you’re seeing the option to “click here”? Is this on the Affinity dashboard?

I somehow found my client - giving me all the detail of the company. How do I get their inputs (Sales etc)

Once you log in to their account from Affinity, the account is like any other QuickFile account. You should then see “Sales”, “Purchases” etc. across the top navigation bar.

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