Access to the Design Styles option please?


I just did a search and discovered that you removed automatic access to the design styles gallery sometimes in 2014. I hadn’t been noticed it had gone, but would now like to look at changing my templates. Could you please move me to the new styles templates gallery so that I can access this feature?


Hi @MoKaPottery

You can access the invoice styles by going into an invoice preview, and selecting the gallery option in the top left:

Hope that helps!

Nope, that doesn’t show. I read through the previous community threads and it seems that I’m on the old template?

I believe all accounts were changed over to the gallery a few weeks after it launched.

Just to confirm, are you looking at a sales invoice preview screen?

Take a look at this post. Do you have this option?

I went looking for the threads and actually read them properly this time, including the one you added in your edit. There was reference to a big red upgrade button, which I couldn’t see, but then I spotted that the green ‘invoice style gallery’ button is now on the ‘Preview’ screen of a draft invoice, and can be manually edited/customised from there. Had I read the original thread properly, I would have got my answer (although I think the styles gallery green link should be on the invoicing page, as I don’t think ‘on the hoof’ changing of invoice layouts is a good idea when you’re in the middle of creating an invoice (or that you have to create a draft invoice in order to do design work).

Anyway, I found my answer, but perhaps you could change this to a ‘feature request’ that the green button is available somewhere other than the preview screen of a draft invoice!!? Perhaps on the customisation screen, which is where I first went looking for it.

Thanks for your help. Great software, stands up against all others I have used in the past (and I am now also using Xero for another company, and still see great value in QF for my own accounts). :smile:



It’s on the invoice preview screen, which would appear after the invoice is created. The reason it’s situated on the invoice preview is so you can dynamically see your changes. You can edit the CSS directly, refresh and instantly see the result.

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