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Accidentally deleted opening balance - Can I undo the actions?

Hi, I’m struggling with managing prepayments to a supplier. In deleting the prepayments allocated, I appear somehow to have deleted the opening balance for the supplier. Is there any way to “undo” the last half hour and put things back how they were?

Hi @WalkerTim

Unfortunately there isn’t a way to undo actions within a timeframe. However, as everything is logged on the account, you may wish to use this to retrace your steps.

I’ve looked at all the entries. I can see Payments deleted, but nothing that says Opening balance (or invoice) deleted. If I delete a payment associated an invoice, can it delete the invoice? I don’t understand how it has disappeared. I’m starting to doubt it was ever there (except for the notes that I have on 9 March stating the balance)

Hi @WalkerTim,

If you delete a payment that is linked to an invoice it will just untag it and leave the invoice as untagged it won’t delete the invoice too.

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