Account Lock Date

I’ve noticed that when the account lock date feature is used it’s treatment is inconsistent across the system.
E.g. Account Lock Date 30/09/2014. When looking at the journal history page it locks everything prior but excluding the lock date. However when posting an invoice or purchase you can not post on the lock date. As my fix initially was to set the lock date to 01/10/2014 - as one day prior would be 30/09/2014 for the sake of the journals. But unfortunately I then can’t post transactions on the 01/10/2014. Hope that makes sense. Thank you.

Is that not by design so you can lock the period and then do the journals ready for the start date of the next period?

I certainly see what you mean. It’s just in my example. I use the tool monthly. And it n just appears odd that although a prior month is closed off the the journals for which are still modifiable. I post them last day and duplicate as a reversals for day 1 of the new month. Unless standard journals.

I think most would assume that if a lock date is set to 30/09/2014, that it would also lock that specific date? it does look like it’s being treated differently for journals vs regular invoices.

I will ask for this to be reviewed and also we could add some clarity on the lock date screen.

We’ve now released an update that will lock the journals in the same way invoices are locked. Let me know if you have any further issues here.

Hi Glenn,
I am having trouble with the YEAR END journal and the related ACCOUNT LOCK function.
I need to delete the journal but can’t and seem to be completely locked out now as it is within a locked period.
However I also cant unlock the period - as there is a Year End journal stopping me…!
Any help or guidance would be great.

Message for Glen,
I need to unloick the previous year but when I go to the journal to do so it will not let me.
Account: 6131431065

@Jellybean, @Kev The initial fix appears to also lock Y/E journals, not intended!

We’ve now patched this on the development side and will be pushing out the fix in the next 30 mins. I will let you know when it is live.

It should be OK now, the save/delete buttons will now be visible on the most recent year-end journal.

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