Account Size XL

Is it possible to increase the file size from XL? We don’t want to run out of storage space and we’re not ready to archive anything yet.

This is just a measurement set on your account based on the number of nominal entries there are in your account over a rolling 12 month period. It doesn’t (at this time) factor in the storage space used in the document manager and there are no strict limits set on how much data you can enter.

Account sizes explained

If we make any changes here or set some hard limits in the future we will notify you accordingly and provide options to extend any provision.

Hi Glenn

Thanks for the reply. We are using Quickfile and think it’s fabulous - we recommend it to anyone needing a system to help their small business.

One note that would be useful if there are changes at anypoint in the future is a stock control from the inventory system.

Thanks again

Hi @lynn100

You may want to look at, and add your comments & vote to this topic:

However, I think the approach the QuickFile team would take is - this is accounting software. May be better to speak to a developer and see about integrating with your existing software.