Account Wipe - What is left

I just want to be VERY sure what I am deleting before I do this. Will I KEEP

  1. Supplier Records (tick box not selected)
  2. Customer Records (tick box not selected)
  3. Inventory Records - NO TICK BOX FOR THIS ONE
  4. Chart of Accounts - I want to keep mine not the default one
  5. Changes I have made to various emails, templates and CSS

All I want is to delete all Sales & Purchase Invoices and reset all balances to zero after a “training” period before we go live


Hi @Scooby_7

Just to confirm, with these options selected, custom nominals and email templates are kept:


Thanks - I just wanted to be sure with no do-over. Perhaps introduce the ability to “force” a back up at a specific point so that it can be rolled back if things don’t go as intended?? :persevere:

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