Accountant authorised access

Hi, my accountant wants to access my quickfile account, but can’t see how to.

How does access via a third party work please? There must be some way of granting access permission or ‘authorise accountant’ or something similar.

Thank you.

Hi @yrtcmp

There are 2 possible ways you can do this.

  1. You can either set your accountant up with an email address on your account. This will only be possible if they don’t already have an email address on the system.
  2. You can have your accountant set up an Affinity Account which will link to your account. For more information on Affinity, please see the following link: QuickFile Affinity overview

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Hi Sian, thank you for the info.

One other question please - how do we access more than the last 3 vat returns?

Thank you.

Hi @yrtcmp

Any VAT returns submitted through QuickFile will be available by going to Reports >> VAT Returns.

If they were submitted under MTD, you may be able to access older returns from Reports >> HMRC, depending on what information HMRC sends us.

Hi Mathew, thank you. Two other questions please -
i) How do you change your user name please?
ii) I’m fairly sure we should be able to load our bank statements (HSBC). Where are the instructions for this please?

Hi yrtcmp,
Have a look here for the bank statement:

I am not really sure what you mean with user name? You can change your account/company name in Account Settings >>Company Settings. On the same page at the bottom you can also change your login address
Or do you mean the user name in the quckfile forum/community? I think you can not change the user name in your forum account.

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Hi rhc, many thanks for your help.

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You are welcome yrtcmp :+1:

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