Accountant or Bookkeeper to review my Quickfile setup

I currently have an accountant who wants me to download my accounts from Quickfile, put them in a spreadsheet and send them to him to do my accounts from.

I am lloking to see if here is a more efficient option to this.

I would like to get a bookkeeper or accountant to review what I have set up give adive on where I amm at and what options I have going forward.

Any advice on how to go about thsi would be appreciated.

I tried finding the find accountant /bookkeepr buttom in the help but was unable to.


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Hello @Qualistic360

You can send them a backup of your data.

A far easier way would be to set your accountant up as a user on QuickFile in Account Settings > Team Management. (Note you can only use and email which is not linked to any other QuickFile account).

Thanks Steve,

If I would like to find a bookkeeper or accountant to review my current set up, how can ai find one from quickfile?

Hello @Qualistic360

We have have a have a panel of accountants (who are familiar with Quick File) to choose from, for more information, please see the following link: