Accountant with specialist e-commerce experience?


I’m seeking an accountant that is very experienced with software/code development - such as setting up an e-commerce service so that it has correct figures.

I run my own e-commerce product for UK florists and we now also have our own POS (EPoS software - Till app), we now need everything sorted so that all sales figures are correct, reports available, end of day etc etc.

In essence, the software has no reports (apart from some pretty sales figures), and now we need someone to come in and be very thorough and know exactly what needs to be done to make the software compliant at least in terms of giving the accountants to these florists correct data.

Payments come from a variety of sources (sumup, stripe, paypal, offline, cash). And each payment processor has their own fees, so this will of course need to also be factored in.

So if you are an accountant, have experience with retail shops and also good at managing software (at least in terms of knowing what needs to be done), please let me know.


Plz feel free to contact me, here is my demo e-commerce site I made E-commerce website with over 1500 products