Accountants Access

Hi all
Does any one have a recommendation of the optimum configuration for accountants access?
I have been playing about with the team management to give my accountant access to the relevant areas and not others, I cant seem to get it just right.
Also is there a way of preventing other users seeing the recent events? As the administrator I feel its my business alone as to what I have done.
Thanks in advance

All the possible user restrictions are detailed here:

I’m afraid there isn’t a specific restriction to turn off all event logs.

In most cases I’ve seen the accountant would usually have full access, they normally need to have access to all accounting records in order to fully complete the work.

Hi Glen
Many thanks. Id found and used the user restrictions guide. I was just wondering what configurations others use in reality. I think I have it as close to how I want as i’ll get now, but thanks.
Thank you for confirming to me re the event logs.
I appreciate its a matter of preference, I am quite private I suppose.
Best Wishes

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