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Accounting for brokerage Shares

Hi, I have a brokerage account with Interactive Investor where I hold all my equity and mutual fund investments, clearly there are different kinds of accounts eg ISA, SIPP etc and there are some cash holdings as well as the underlying equities, how fo I manage and enter these in QF?


Hi @Vistaro,

These sounds like personal accounts and so you shouldn’t need them in QuickFile as they won’t affect the business?

They are business accounts, the broker account is a company one altho’ I am sole director

HI, I’m still challenged by this any input is welcome.

I’ve worked out how to manage the trading cash ie the Buys and sells but how do I manage the change in capital values?

Any ideas welcome


Hi @Vistaro

Unfortunately this isn’t something we can really advise you on as none of the support team are accountants and we wouldn’t want to give you any incorrect advice.

I know that there are accountants that use this forum, so one of those may be able to help out. If not, it would be best for you to seek professional advice on how to deal with these.

I’m sorry I couldn’t be of more help on this occasion, but if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

I’m really after a more general reply. This is no different to purchasing a capital item and then later selling it for a gain (or loss)

In general terms how would I show this in QF?


I think what the quickfile nteam are saying is to get advice from your accountant about how it should be recorded and then they can direct you how to put it on quickfile. At least that way you’d know it would be right

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Yep understand that, I’m just keen to know how it should be done on the premise of trying not to ask my accountant a question where I don’t already have an inkling of the answer.

No one is going to answer your question without hearing your accountants explanation.

Brokerage, investments and mutual funds are complex in their selves and most likely beyond the scope of most if not all members on this forum.

Its not as simple as telling you to tag it as xy, or z

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