Accounting for receipts & payments

I have set up a Quickfile account for my Church. We cash account & only want to enter receipts & payments not sales & purchases. I cannot see where this can be done.
e.g A payment for stationary would need to be allocated to the correct code without having to enter the invoice separately

when you click on tag, pick option " some thing else on list" and then pick stationary from “Post to Nominal”

Many thanks for your quick response. I’ll giveit a go & see how I get on.

While you can do it this way with “something not on the list” it may be better in the long run to create invoices and purchases anyway (even if they’re all made out to a dummy client/supplier). If you want to attach things like scanned images of receipts then these can only go on an invoice or purchase, not on a direct tag-to-nominal transaction. Likewise if you want in future to use the project tagging feature to group related purchases together, this also works at the purchase/invoice level rather than the transaction level.

I’d definitely agree with Ian. Income can be recorded using the “Cash Register Tool” rather than manually creating individual invoices. Sadly there is no equivalent for purchases but you can flag a purchase as paid as you create it.

This gives you a far better of transactions and is conceptually much easier for volunteers in my view. You also have the side benefit that any income or outgoings that are not settled “up front” can be logged.

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