Accounting for VAT without entering invoices

Is there a way to account for VAT without having to post sales and purchase invoices, on cash accounting and it would be much quicker for me to be able to account for the VAT without the requirement to tag it to an actual invoice.

Hi @nigelhenshaw

For the VAT return to pick up these correctly, then you would need to define these with a prepayment or invoice of some sort.

Perhaps you could shed a bit of light on your situation and we could perhaps suggest a better way to deal with this. Do you issue your invoices using other software outside of QuickFile? If not, where are your VAT figures coming from?

I was thinking more on the expenses side, for example it takes 3 times longer to input a fuel receipt and then allocate a payment to the receipt than it does to simply enter the vat at the tagging stage (the latter method is the way that other cash based accounting packages work like sage start for example) - you can use them for VAT with never having to enter a purchase or sales invoice. I dont want to enter receipts I just want to enter bank transactions some of which will have VAT

To account for the VAT correctly, and allocate the cost to the correct nominal code you would need to create a purchase invoice of some sort so it’s picked up correctly for the VAT return.

Are you creating the invoice first and then tagging the payment? If so, you could do the two steps in one, like this (changing the nominal code, VAT etc. to suit your particular entry)

wow thats a heck of alot of keying in just so that the VAT can be accounted for. what would be much better is if you didnt have to create an invoice at all or allocate it to a supplier and you could just say which ones were vatable items (like other cashbook type systems do)

If you have a supplier set up with the default category and VAT, once you’ve entered one you can simply use the ‘Get last description used’, this will speed the entry up considerably.

I’ll leave this topic open for the moment - there may be another user who has the same situation as yourself and may be able to offer their own solution.

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