Accounts customer service

I paid for end of year submission 2 weeks ago and still have heard nothing back, today is the deadline.
Is there a customer service number I can call to speak directly with my accountant?

I haven’t used QuickFile’s paid services but the KB articles about the year end service (self employed, LTD company) suggest that if you have an open order you can contact support via the checklist page when you are logged in.

Thanks for the reply Ian, that is exactly what i’m doing and getting no reply.
in fact it shows that the messages are still unread.

If my company gets fined, i’m well within my rights to take them/the accountant to court.
I just hope it doesn’t have to get to that!

the whole point i had used their services as i thought it would be hassle free.
This is turning into a bit of a nightmare.

With all due respect, next year you might want to consider starting the process a bit sooner than two weeks before the deadline… The knowledge base states that the QF year end service “typically” takes one to two weeks depending on the complexity of your accounts, so if it were me I’d want to allow at least double that if at all possible, to be on the safe side (I know what I’m like so I’d probably set myself an internal deadline say three months earlier).

my accounts are not complicated. and i have written confirmation from the accountant saying that they would not miss the deadline and that they are open 7 days a week.
ive tried calling the office to no reply, google also states that they are closed on saturdays and im getting no replies today on the checklist page.

Hi @thierry, the accounts services are run by a different side to our business than the software support, I only have limited access to their systems.

However I don’t believe your accounts are due until April 2015. Nonetheless I will ask someone to contact you to discuss further. I apologise for any previous delay in responding, the last few days of January are the busiest in the accounting year.

Hi Glenn,

Thank you for your reply. I have since received a reply from my accountant through the message board system. And all is well.
Is it possible to have a contact number to actually speak with someone on the phone, as this would be a lot easier and quicker for both parties.


If you have any other queries, just PM me on the forum and I will get it looked into. Unfortunately providing telephone assistance wouldn’t be an option without quite a significant increase in our costs and consequently the fee we charge.

We do have an internal messaging system, we always aim to reply within 24 hours although I believe given the number of last minute jobs that came in before 31st January the accounts dept. were under some pressure.

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