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Accounts have been unlinked

Unknown to me my account with you ran out of credit. I was not notified. I now have paid and all my account data has been lost. How can I get it back. I need to do a VAT return by Friday.

Hi @Derry

That shouldn’t be the case. Can I just confirm, by “credit” do you mean top-up credit, a subscription, or do you use Affinity?

I use Affinity and it was that unknown to me my payment had been used up. I have now paid £15 but still have lost all my data. This is very serious as it is 2 clients accounts who both have a VAT return due by friday.

Admin can restore it for you. It’s not lost just unlinked.

Hi @Derry

If there’s no credit on the Affinity account any linked accounts will be unlinked.

As @Paul_Courtier rightfully mentions, we can relink these for you. I’ll send you a private message to get a few more details from you.

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